The TotalABA scheduling system is designed specifically for Behavior Analysts, Speech and Occupational Therapy requirements. It allows you to track appointments by student or by therapist.


Easily convert appointments to the billing module using our charge capture and approval features. Track both the billed amount along with the allowed amount, to make follow up a breeze. Post payments and create invoices with ease too.

Analytical Reporting

TotalABA will come “off the shelf” with many analytical reports that will allow you to track authorizations, lesson/plan progression, behavior graphs and so much more. Additionally, the reporting module will allow the facility to create detailed, customized reports on virtually anything that has been recorded in the system.

Data Collection

TotalABA allows for facility administrators to develop customized lesson curriculum. Front end therapists can then record data points quickly and easily throughout their sessions on an iPad, tablet, PC or Mac. The data collected during these sessions can then be analyzed via graphical reports to track the progress of the students.

Enjoy the Benefits of TotalABA

• Security Built-in
• HIPAA Compliant
• Accessible from any Cloud Connected Device
• Hosted on Platform
• Any Device, Any Place, Any Time
• Happier Therapists
• Better Results for Patients
• Easy to Set Up and Use
• Cost Effective

At TotalABA...

Our Goal – is to empower therapists and clinics to treat more patients and achieve better outcomes – cost effectively.

Our Mission – is to simplify the business side of providing therapy and increase productivity.

In other words…

Spend less time worrying about your business, and more time working with your students.

Thank you, and please enjoy our video!