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pushing puzzleeAt Inviscid Software, our mission is to support groups that perform therapy for autistic and learning disabled children so that they can spend less time worrying about running their organizations, and have more time for working with the kids. ABA and associated therapy is profoundly improving the lives of the 1-2% of American children with autism spectrum disorders and their families, and we believe that therapists deserve the best software and services to enable them to work at peak performance and efficiency.

This means software specifically designed for them, instead of general medical software that only meets some of their needs and forces workflows upon them that just don’t make sense in the ABA world. That is why we put “ABA” right in the name of our product, as further evidence that we “get it”, and will continue to add more features and workflows to support all aspects of running a therapy clinic or other institution performing these services.

Your ABA Therapy Billing Software Solution!

We are sure that after implementing TotalABA with or without our ABA Therapy billing software services package, your office will be more organized and efficient. And the therapists will love having all the information they need whenever and wherever they need it on any PC, tablet or smart phone. But don’t just take our word for it, please check out the testimonials below from some of our happy customers.


Current Release Notes      January 23, 2017

N e w F e a t u r e s

A new bulk sign-off has been added to the Sign-Off Sessions page. This allows you to select the sessions for sign-off and then click a single button (Bulk Sign-Off) to have them all signed-off at once. Only sessions that have passed the basic validation are available for this new feature.

You can now clone the clinical information on a new session from a prior session for that student. This will help improve documentation accuracy and the amount of time it takes to add it. Click the “Clone Clinical Data” button on the new session, select the session to clone, choose the fields you would like to clone and finally click the “Clone” button.

Sessions can now be combined into a single superbill during sign-off for non-insurance funding sources. A new field has been added to the funding source called Batch Sessions on Sign-Off. If checked, sessions for that funding source follow the same rules as insurance type sessions during sign-off. All insurance funding sources have this checked by default.

Sessions are now combined during sign-off if the authorization # is the same across the sessions (e.g. multiple authorizations with the same authorization #). Previously the sessions were combined only if they shared the same authorization record.

The scheduled/used minutes for authorizations in TotalABA are calculated from the appointment. This is based on the applied minutes field on the appointment. Previously it was the responsibility of the practice to update the applied minutes on the appointment if the billable minutes of the corresponding session were not the same as the appointment duration. A new practice setting has been added that automatically updates the applied minutes on the appointment to the billable minutes of the session(s) any time a session is saved. This setting is found on the Practice Admin tab of the settings and is named Set Applied Minutes to Billable Minutes (it is unchecked by default for existing practices).

The first phase of stage levels has been added to lesson plans and treatment goals. This will allow you track the various levels a student has achieved and what the criteria are for moving up or down a level. This is completely customizable and allows your practice to define what the mastery level(s) are. The next phase in a future release will automate the process of moving up and/or down a level based on lesson observations.

Additional fields may now be included on the Print Clinical Session page. These are optional fields that are set on the Practice Admin tab. The new fields are: Therapist, Billing Provider, Location, Diagnosis Codes and Procedure Codes.

New user settings have been added to sign-off on assessments and set the status of a treatment plan to active. Previously this was all part of the sign-off sessions setting on the user record. By default, all existing users that had Sign-Off Sessions checked have Sign-Off Assessments and Activate Treatment Plans checked.

Appointments may now be canceled/deleted for a specified date range when choosing all appointments in a recurrence pattern, for a student or for the assigned to.

When printing multiple sessions for a single student at once, the information may now be consolidated to only include the header and logo on the first page. Each session is then separated by a solid, horizontal line instead of a new page. This helps save on paper usage. A new practice admin setting has been added named Print Consolidated PDF. This option is also available when selecting the sessions and only applies when printing sessions for a single student.

On the Sign-Off Sessions page (multiple sessions) new columns have been added to show the Appointment Type and Non-Billable Minutes from the session.

The GPS coordinates have been added to the session approval page where the parent/therapist.