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pushing puzzleeOur Goal is to empower therapists and clinics to treat more patients and achieve better outcomes – cost effectively. 

Our Mission is to simpify the business side of providing therapy and increase productivity.

In other words…
spend less time worrying about your business, and more time working with your students.

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ABA profoundly improves the lives of millions of children and their families. We believe all therapists deserve the best software and support to enable them to be more productive and increase the quality of lives.

TotalABA’s purpose-built software specifically for ABA therapists and clinicians. Unlike general medical software that only meets a portion of your needs, TotalABA has developed robust Practice Management and Clinical software packages that directly address your needs. In addition, we integrate with insurance and medical billing software and can customize or tailor our solutions to your specific needs.

We provide fair and up front pricing, as well as online and personalized training, so you will always have support when you need it. 

Your ABA Solution…

We are confident that after implementing TotalABA, your practice will be more organized and efficient AND your therapists will love having all of the information they need, whenever and where ever they need it, on any PC, tablet or smart phone. SO, Please don’t just take our word for it, please check out the testimonials and our thousands of happy users helping tens of thousands of students.


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