Kim Allbaugh – President and CEO – MRC Billing

“TotalABA’s Parent Portal is just what our client families are looking for. It provides the ability to share HIPAA compliant messages and notes between therapists and families, view and change appointments, as well as view and approve sessions. It improves productivity for the Therapists, as they can now broadcast announcements to all of their families improving the speed of communications…it’s something our clients will love.”

Dustin Netral  – COO –  Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers

“As a leading therapy center provider for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), occupational, physical, and speech therapies for the treatment of autism and other developmental delays, we are delighted to announce this new two-year contract with TotalABA. Their unique implementation provides the ideal platform for our innovative and comprehensive services.”

Sarah Heiniger – Founder/Director of Clinical Services – Nexus Solutions Group

“I’m honestly a big fan of you guys.  You’re so responsive and every time we talk, you’re working to make TotalABA better and take our concerns and requests into consideration… Amazing!!!  I love all the new features!  Thank you!”

Amy K. Gearhard  – CEO/Founder – Spectra Centers, Inc

As a business owner, it’s important to me to partner with others that value time and customer care the way we do. Total ABA has been able to wrap themselves around all of our services – behavioral, clinical, educational, and mental health – with arms far longer than any other clinical software has even dared to offer.

I’ve been waiting for over 15 years to see the transparency and depth in my practices that the unique combination of Total ABA and MRC are allowing us to reach. Not only are their products progressive and user-friendly, but their staff are responsive and incredibly easy to work with!

We couldn’t have made a better decision when considering the elements necessary for establishing a successful and solid foundation for our business.

Sandy – Client Services Coordinator – Virginia Institute of Autism

The scheduling/calendar feature has been a major business improvement to our daily processes.  I can see which therapist is working with any given client at any given time.  I can see all the clients that are expected on any given day.  I can see which therapists are assigned clients and which are open for an additional client.  I can divide my calendar view by type of employee – full time, part time, supervisor, etc.!  I have been able to provide calendar access to each of my supervisors with only the persons assigned to them which makes it easier for them to know what is happening with their staff.  It has made our work coordination so much better! 

The reporting capabilities are wonderful.  I can run a report with very nearly an answer to any management/planning/finance question that comes up.  I can set up one time reports or create ones that can be run over and over.  I can create what I need or if I need help, the folks at are amazing.

In addition to the calendar and the reporting, I love the fact that I can work within TotalABA myself.  I can schedule, delete and modify appointments.  I can add or in-activate employees.  I can run reports to satisfy the data collection needs of anyone! 

Support is SUPERIOR.  I love the folks at  There is seldom a question that I ask that does not have an answer inside an hour.  When we needed the addition of some new fields to make our lives better, the support folks had the fields added very quickly.

I cannot do one word (to describe TotalABA).  The best two words I would use are Responsive and Powerful!   I am a big fan of TotalABA.

Susan – BCBA – FBX Fairbanks Behavior

(my favorite features)…All in one processes- in the field, I can take data, make notes, have parents approve sessions, and sign off all while in the session. I no longer have to spend my weekends transcribing notes and doing billing. 

All of the TotalABA team worked together to make me feel comfortable using the system. Their systematic training process helps to not overwhelm clients by learning the process step-by- step. 

(Rating our support)……11 out of 10- excellent! TotalABA is “cost-effective”.

Karen – Billing Manager – MRC Billing Services

I work for a medical billing company.  We have several clients whom use Total ABA for scheduling appointments, uploading documentation, creating sessions and sending their charges over for billing. 

Total ABA has come a long way in the past few years.  There are lots of edits in place that help us to receive the correct charges from our clients so that we are able to submit clean claims to the insurance companies.  It has really sped up our process of filing claims as the charges are ready to be sent to the insurance once they come over from Total ABA.  We no longer have to have a person entering each and every charge. 

It allows us, as a billing company, to retrieve any documentation that an insurance might request in order to get the claims paid.  It is an easy system to maneuver in.

Whenever we have any issues, the gentlemen at Total ABA have always been there to work with us to figure out how to understand the issues and/or work with us to change things to help solve the problem

Trista (M.S.Ed, BCBA), President – Family First Behavior Consultants, Inc.

When my billing company first suggested having my staff complete all billing and service documentation using Total ABA, I was hesitant. I, myself, am not tech savvy. The thought of giving up traditional paper and pencil methods was not something I was completely comfortable with. After my first conversation with […] Inviscid Software however, I was convinced. In a matter of an hour, they explained the system in such a way that not only was I comfortable initiating its use, but I was comfortable enough to train my staff to use it as well.

Total ABA is an efficient technology for keeping all things service related in one place. Our billing and documentation practices are now streamlined and simple. I believe that a system is only as good as its developers. The folks at Inviscid Software spend a great deal of time soliciting feedback, problem solving, updating, and improving. They are always accessible to help when problems arise; and continue to provide assistance in a professional, easy-to-understand manner. I’ve never experienced customer service quite like that which Inviscid Software provides. It allows me to embrace technology, uncomfortable territory for me, with ease.

 Alex, Partington Behavior Analysts

Partington Behavior Analysts Inc. has been working with both MRC Billing and TotalABA for more than a year. During this time, the company has been able to prepare itself to work with insurance companies, collect monies owed, and stabilize the consulting staff’s efforts in reporting through TotalABA.

MRC/TotalABA allows the consulting staff to record all session information, show everyone’s ongoing work schedules, complete all necessary insurance information, work within HIPAA guidelines, bill both clients and insurance companies, and all of this is done “online real time”.

The efficiency that this system brings to the company is dramatic. The consulting staff sees how effective it is in keeping all session information in one place “online” and how easy it is to plan everyone’s work time “online”. The billing department continues to see the advantages of using MRC Billing who knows the right codes for insurance companies and know how to produce accurate and timely billing.