staffTotalABA – ABA Therapy Billing Software

Easily track human resource related data for each of your staff members. This includes demographics, credentials and/or degrees, current & prior engagements, locations of service and more. Furthermore, you can filter the schedule based on these criteria to make finding the right therapist for a specific appointment a breeze.

Staff Member Features:

  • Maintain all critical information about your employees.  Easily keep contact information and other required information readily available.  Categorizing by organization, department or division helps when you are managing multiple offices or do not have an office..
  • Easily monitor your staff’s credentials, certifications and degrees including license numbers and associated expiration dates.  Required information for your providers stored in one place and easily viewable in your staff credentialing dashboard.
  • Track employee start dates, termination dates and position changes within your practice.  Track employees through your practice as they advance to new positions and responsibilities.  When an employee leaves your practice you can document all pertinent details.
  • You can assign staff locations they are allowed to work at, setup procedure code groups that limit the employee’s choice of codes based on insurance requirements.  Assign staff to only be allowed for certain schedule types, credentialing level and other requirements for the type of service being provided.  Adding defaults help assure your student is receiving the correct services by the correct provider.  Optionally support can add custom tracking fields for your practice.
  • Create printable reports with all of your staff’s information at your fingertips.  Reports can be customized for the specific information you need.