Practice Management

TotalABA gives you a single entry, completely customizable, fully integrated system that saves you time managing client demographics, insurance information, scheduling, and authorizations.

We make scheduling, tracking and editing appointments a breeze and include an internal communication feature to securely communicate with your staff.



Designed specifically around the ABA practice and therapy world.

Allows easy tracking of appointments by student or by therapist.

Unique “schedule views” functionality allows you to filter the schedule by therapist, credentials, locations and more.

Insurance Authorizations

Analyze authorizations by progress, by renewal requirements, by therapist and by practice.

Eliminates the cumbersome task of managing your insurance authorizations by tracking utilization and when renewals are due.

Create dashboards to monitor renewals and approved hours are utilized prior to expiration.

Client On Boarding

Bring new clients into your practice quickly and easily.

Capture and store demographics including emergency contact information and authorized client pick-ups.

Set alerts to easily follow-up on required reporting, renewing authorizations and other time sensitive requirements.

Your Practice Management module includes

  • Onboarding
  • Scheduling
  • Session Reporting
  • Code Groups
  • Insurance Authorizations
  • Charge Capture
  • Billing Reporting
  • Interoffice Communications
  • HR and Staff Management
  • Session Amendments
  • Payroll