Medical Reimbursement Consultants

TotalABA is partnered with MRC, an MRC2ABA billing specialist. Navigating through the insurance and billing process can be confusing, time consuming and a drain on money and human resources. With MRC’s integrated billing service, you can have more time with your students and staff, while MRC works to efficiently enhance your bottom line with faster reimbursement.

MRC’s services include:

  • Provider enrollment
  • Maintaining insurance credentialing
  • Managing your accounts receivable
  • Assessing your client’s insurance coverage
  • Helping you stay current on code changes, insurance requirements and fee schedules

For more information about MRC, please visit their website at

** Note that TotalABA’s published pricing does not include MRC’s services.

Azalea Health Practice Management

Azalea® PM is a cloud-based medical billing and practice management system that features simple navigation and an intuitive interface. It is the powerful foundation for Azalea EHR that allows users to analyze and improve practice management performance while maximizing revenue. It integrates seamlessly with TotalABA and other software solutions and any EMR. The system also features comprehensive revenue intelligence, as well as coding and compliance data checkers.

Practice Management Benefits and Features working with TotalABA

Cloud-based, secure, and HIPAA compliant, the practice management system is free with Azalea EHR and integrates with any EMR

  • Claim management system includes specialized sorting queues and filters with advanced search features and transparency on claims status which improves cash flow while reducing claim rejections
  • Flexible billing module accommodates both institutional and professional claim formats
  • Patient Scheduling is customizable to your needs with visibility and tracking of patient appointments, including overlapping provider schedule alert for multiple locations
  • Document Management uploads and scans images, documents and patient records directly into system
  • Accommodates small and large group practices by scaling and growing with your needs
  • Library of billing and financial reports includes detailed financial reports that help to make better informed financial decisions
  • ICD-9, ICD-10, and CPT codes are automatically loaded including code verification and validation
  • Unspecified ICD-10 codes display in red text.
  • Detailed HIPAA audit trail
  • Azalea Patient Portal – Encourage your patients to be more engaged in their healthcare



The LeonardoMD DifferenceLeonardoMD_logo_175x82

As the first company to produce first-class, high-end medical practice software for the Web, they have always been pushing the limits of what medical practice software can be, regularly adding new features and taking customer support to a whole new level. This is why we integrated TotalABA with LeonardoMD Renaissance.

Their certified trainers are industry experts, knowledgeable about even the most unique, specialized practices including ABA. An individually-assigned consultant will evaluate your specific needs, and walk you through live training tutorials to answer all your questions and help you get started right away. Full customization, in-depth advanced tutorials, and on-call experienced support representatives will help you tailor the software to suit your unique needs using TotalABA. Take practice management to the highest level of ease, efficiency, and productivity using TotalABA with LeonardoMD.


Knowing we wanted to be able to deliver a robust product quickly and securely we partnered with Salesforce utilizing their App Cloud services.

On-premises solutions require the IT department to build the entire solution on their own, from the servers to the code database. While it means granular control of hardware, software, infrastructure and networking, it’s expensive, time consuming, and resource-intensive. Upgrades are hard to manage and it’s not always easy to move the technology forward in pace with changing business needs.

Salesforce provides a TotalABA Platform as a Service (PaaS) and offers everything Infrastructure as a Service delivers, as well the operating systems, middleware, and runtime tools that allow IT and others in the business to build apps and deploy apps quickly, and integrate data from other healthcare sources, and the tools and services to manage it all.

Salesforce was the first company to deliver Platform as a Service to companies around the world, and it delivers it as few others do or can.

TVE2 – Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange

The Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange fosters business growth and economic vitality for entrepreneurs and innovative early stage companies, by providing access to technology and high quality resources, and leveraging a strong network of community partners.