Mark Adams, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Mark is a forward-thinking executive who specializes in taking current and emerging technologies and crafting them into innovative IT products and solutions. He has spent the last 12+ years as both a CEO and CTO in the healthcare industry, and along the way has gained deep and broad experience about many aspects of running a successful and enterprise-grade organization. His experience combined with his certification in HIPAA has given him a solid understanding of security and compliance and empowers him to create systems that keep sensitive data safe.

His bachelor’s degree in Information Systems combined with an MBA emphasizing Finance has allowed him to understand both the technical and the business sides of organizations. He is as comfortable in a data center getting his “hands dirty”, as he is sitting in a conference room with other departmental executives and managers, and understands their concerns. This knowledge is demonstrated in his ability to create solutions that are both technically sound, as well as efficient uses of precious company resources.

At Inviscid Software, he is thrilled to be taking all the knowledge he has gained through his career and using it to create a company that can help people that he truly admires, those involved in child therapy.

craigCraig Honeyfield, MBA
Chief Technology Officer

Over 11 years ago, Craig and three other developers co-founded an online (SaaS) practice management company built on Microsoft technology. Craig was responsible for managing much of the project, including gathering the complex business requirements (medical billing), writing the software code, implementing the work flow and supporting the initial physicians who were using the product. Craig possess a deep understanding of how to utilize technology in order to deliver HIPPA compliant healthcare solutions. Craig has demonstrated success in managing full software development lifecycles and has experience in managing and developing partnerships between various industry leading companies. Examples include EDI data interfaces built between clearing houses and HL7 interfaces for various electronic medical record applications (EMRs). Craig is highly skilled in Microsoft SQL Server database development, MS .NET C#, Visual Studio 2010 and various other Microsoft Tools.

Craig recently completed his MBA in Finance from the University of Redlands. Craig’s strong technology background along with his exceptional analytical skills gained from business school provide the skills needed to make the right analytical decisions. Craig has proven the ability to manage large scale projects consistently delivering them within time and budget constraints. Craig has a solid track record of leading and motivating technical professionals in order to achieve high levels of performance.

Specialties: Clinical Information Analytics, Strategic Planning, HL7, Healthcare EDI Transactions, Business Intelligence, Agile Development, Software Development, Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Product Development, Database Management, 837 EDI, 835 EDI, SCRUM, Agile, Project Management, Product Management, HIPAA, Payment Processing.

kimKim Allbaugh
Chief Marketing Officer

Kim Allbaugh has had an extensive background in healthcare management. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1977 from Manchester College and from there obtained his paramedic certification and eventually became a Registered Respiratory Therapist. He was Director of Cardiopulmonary Services at St Joseph Hospital from 1980 to 1985 at which time he became Business Administrator at a three doctor internal medicine practice until 1990.

Since then he founded Northwest Homecare Plus, providing home health care; Northwest Medical Homecare providing durable medical equipment and KMS Mobile X ray, a provider of mobile radiology and ultrasound services. In 1995 he founded his first medical billing service which grew annually before being sold in 2005. Kim has been active in many healthcare management groups and medical billing associations, as well as President of the Indiana Society for Respiratory Therapy. Bringing years of ABA billing experience, Kim is well positioned and experienced to help Inviscid continue to develop new and innovative services for ABA practices.

mattMatt Kennedy
Director of Sales

Matt joined Inviscid Software after spending several years in retail sales and visual merchandising. Matt decided to take another path and joined the ABA enrollment team at MRC Billing. It didn’t take him long to move up the ranks at MRC to the Enrollment Team Leader position. He worked in several other areas at MRC learning about the needs of ABA providers. With his in-depth experience working with ABA practices he was a natural fit to assume marketing and sales for Inviscid Software. His responsibilities include all aspects of sales and customer satisfaction throughout the sales process.

Matt is known for his customer support and really takes the time to learn and understand the needs of our clients. His extensive knowledge in insurance contracting and the billing process has helped many of our new start-up clients get up and running the right way.

Zitlalli “Z” Casillas
Customer Excellence Manager

“Z” our newest member to Inviscid Software. “Z”, a customer focused individual who loves to solve problems and help educate others – whether it’s a client or a member of her own team.  Z’s analytic thinking is aimed at solving customers issues in a proactive manner.

With a strong technology background, “Z” has been providing excellent customer support to clients for over 10 years.  From training and educating to troubleshooting and testing, she’ll get the job done.