Total ABA Software FAQ's

  • We work with you and your team on a convenient schedule for on-boarding, training sessions and the set-up process so you can be up and running as soon as possible. Our on-boarding team can import much of your data, significantly speeding up your launch time..
  • Total ABA is browser based and will work on any device with an internet connection, whether you work on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

TotalABA Practice Management provides insurance authorization tracking by the number of sessions or by the amount of time in minutes. 

TotalABA offers a Parent Portal solution which is HIPAA compliant and allows parents to view and cancel appointments, pay bills and send and receive notifications from therapists.

TotalABA offers payroll features that allow you to have staff clock in and out, and/or track session times, travel time and allows you to set up payroll codes for various staff and services.  Reports can be generated and uploaded to your payroll processor.

Many of our clients easily import their existing lesson plans and curricula into their TotalABA environment.

Our Parent portal provides easy to use and easy to create forms and reports. These are ideal for streamlining the on-boarding of new clients and can be used to automatically update the client records on a regular basis eliminating significant administrative overhead.

At this time, and due to the sensitive nature of your services, separate apps can increase the chance of losing data in the uploading process.  TotalABA software is browser based and designed to view and use on ANY device.

    • Our scheduling package enables easy to read and easy to modify scheduling of therapists and staff. They can easily be scheduled by time, skills or credentials.  Go to Practice Management
  • Our clinical package and behaviors module provide a robust reporting engine which enables users to create whatever reports they need. A report can be created from any data collected.
  • Yes, one of the advantages of using the platform is the ease of customization.

Yes, permissions can be granted to different people depending on their title, responsibility or company preference. They can assign view only or the ability to make changes.

All of our clients have direct phone access to our customer support team. In addition, we offer our Wizard Library which consists of thorough documentation of each product with detailed how to use instructions. These are also complemented by our Wizard video library which walks customers through a demonstration of how each capability is used and can be optimized for your environment.

    • We can support clients with as few as one therapist to thousands of therapists in many locations across the country. TotalABA is one of the most scalable solutions on the market today.

The minimum contract is for one year. We offer discounts for longer term contracts.