albrowserYour ABA therapy waiting list solution!

Let TotalABA’s help you bring new clients into your practice.  You can capture demographic information and set alerts for follow-up.  Get control of your patient waiting list and manage the on-boarding process with ease.

Client On-Boarding & Tracking Features:

  • You can easily capture patient demographic information one time to eliminate errors. We store the information you will need including contact information, authorized to pick-up client and emergency contact information.
  • Set alerts to easily follow-up on required reporting, renewing authorizations and other time sensitive requirements.
  • Manage authorizations and automatically track utilization as you work with your client. You can easily see authorized date range, authorized units as well as details on units scheduled, units consumed and units available to schedule. Warnings will appear if you try to add appointments without a valid authorization.
  • Alerts for when follow-up is required· Store and distribute forms for the potential client