Coding an encounter can be complicated in most medical practice management systems. But in TotalABA, the charge capture feature is designed specifically for ABA and other therapy services. This makes coding your encounters quick and easy. The newly implemented T-Code guidelines can make for a lot of extra work (and potential mistakes) during the coding process. With TotalABA’s T-code integration, this is now a simple and seamless process.

Correct Coding Help Features:

  • Code groups and automatic association with services provided based on the student’s coverage
  • Associate allowed procedures by student to be sure charges are correct for the payer
  • Associate allowable codes by staff position
  • Associate allowable codes by payer
  • Associate allowed codes by payer source

Required Charge information Features:

  • Easily review all billing information before approving for billing
  • Many edits help prevent incorrect billing information being submitted
  • Easily control where your charges are at in your process


  • Create custom reports and dashboards for your many requirements
  • Create multiple funding sources and track each individually