reportsTotalABA – Your ABA Therapy Billing Software Solution!

TotalABA will come “off the shelf” with many analytical reports that will allow you to track authorizations, lesson/plan progression, behavior graphs and so much more. Additionally, the reporting module will allow the facility to create detailed, customized reports on virtually anything that has been recorded in the system.


  • TotalABA includes many reports designed to help you analyze and report on almost any data stored in TotalABA. Reports on authorizations, billing, lessons and staff management immediately helps you begin getting useful information out of TotalABA. You can also easily create your own reports and detailed lists.
  • Informative graphs and tabular lists to help understand and manage your practice. Your reports can be created to show summaries and/or details. You will be able to analyze student progress and productivity of your staff.
  • Reporting dashboards are used in TotalABA to help you quickly monitor several key metrics. Authorizations, re-evaluations and other milestones that must happen and can easily be evaluated with a dashboard view.
  • Salesforce has an extensive training program on how to create your own reports. TotalABA support will always be available to help and optionally create your report for you.